Yomper (Definition) – Noun. yomper (plural yompers) (military, slang) A soldier who participates in a yomp, or long-distance march.

The Yomper is a power add-on device used with manually operated wheelchairs. Adding a Yomper will dramatically increase your independent mobility range, allowing you to travel longer distances, up hills and over uneven surfaces such as grass or gravel.

So get out there and start marching!

Click on the photo below to see how it works. Contact Quart to arrange a demo at an HME dealer near you.

Clinical evaluation of the benefit of using the “Yomper” medical device in manual wheelchair users – A clinical evaluation report conducted by CERAH, France National Institute for the Disabled.


Yomper Product Literature – Yomper Product Brochure 2020 02 24

User Manual – English – 20200603_EN_User_Manual_Acekare_Yomper+

User Manual – French – 20200603_FR_Acekare_Guide_utilisation_Yomper+