diamond 8 plus low air loss mattress

The Diamond 8 Plus is ideal for individuals with Stage I – IV pressure wounds in the coccyx and lower back area. It has a pre-set cycle time of 21 minutes. The maximum weight capacity is 650 lbs. Built-in automatic two hour battery backup in case of a power failure.

The design of the individual cells, inside the mattress, are similar to a figure 8, divided into two 4″ sections. The lower four inches remain inflated at all times. The top four inches alternate in a 3:1 pattern so that 66% of the body is constantly supported. This allows for a more stable surface.

To ensure the longevity of the control unit we recommend inspecting / cleaning the filter monthly.

Unique Features
  • “MICRO” LOW AIR LOSS TECHNOLOGY – Air escapes from 20 laser-cut openings in the centre 10 cells of mattress. Air is distributed equally under a vapour-permeable, quilted cover that acts to wick moisture away from the patient.
  • ALTERNATION THERAPY – 18 independent cells gently inflate and deflate in a 3:1 cycle, whereby 2/3rds of the body is always supported. Cells, in cross section, have a Figure 8 design; the bottom half is always inflated and only the top half alternates. In the event of a power failure the bottom half of the cells stay inflated for up to 72 hours.
  • SIMPLE, MODULAR CELL CONSTRUCTION – This design feature makes replacement of individual cells and components quick, easy, and cost effective.
  • FLUID RESISTANT AND VAPOUR-PERMEABLE COVERS – Each surface comes with two fully quilted zip covers. They wick moisture away from the body and prevent shearing and friction. All covers are machine washable, antimicrobial, fluid resistant and flame retardant.
  • SECURITY TIES – Eight adjustable ties secure the system to any standard hospital bed frame.
  • CPR QUICK-RELEASE VALVE – This feature allows for deflation of the torso section in less than 20 seconds for medical emergencies.
  • CONVOLUTED FOAM BASE – 2″ Foam provides added patient protection in the event of power failure. The foam is enclosed in a moisture proof material that protects against bacteria build up.
  • MASTER CONTROL UNIT – Double insulation provides whisper-quiet operation. The lightweight and durable design includes adjustable brackets that hang at the head or foot of bed, allowing for easy clinician or patient control.
  • ENCLOSED CABLE MANAGEMENT- This feature prevents tangled and trailing air hoses.
  • EASY ACCESS FILTER – The readily accessible filter simplifies cleaning.
  • STATIC MODE – For those patients unable to tolerate a moving surface, a constant low-pressure mode provides comfortable pressure relief.
  • ALTERNATION MODE – Cycle times are set at 20 minute intervals to best meet the treatment needs of each individual.
  • AUTO-FIRM MODE – Provides a stable surface for patient transfers and nursing procedures (returns to alternation mode after 30 min. if auto-firm is not deactivated).
  • SOFT/FIRM – Five soft/firm settings offer easy comfort adjustment and allow the caregiver to fine tune therapeutic support and optimize patient comfort.
  • AUTO ALARM FEATURE – This feature alerts the caregiver in the event of a power failure.
Master Control Unit Features
  • ALTERNATION MODE – Cycle time is set at 20 minute intervals for effective treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • FIRM MODE – Inflates the mattress with simple push of a button for installation and nursing care requirements.
  • STATIC MODE – For those individuals unable to tolerate a moving surface, a constant low-pressure mode provides comfortable pressure relief.
  • AUTO ALARM FEATURE – This feature alerts the caregiver in the event of a power failure.
diamond 8 plus low air loss mattress master control
Mattress Specifications
Weight Capacity Up to 650 lbs
Inflated Dimension 36″ x 80″ x 9.5″
Weight 30 lbs (standard)
Air Cell Material Polyurethane
Cover Material Quilted fabric with polyurethane coating
Base Material Woven Polyester fabric with PVC backing
Safety Standard Meets open flame requirements (FCC 16CFR 1633)
Control Unit Specifications
Inflation Time Under 35 minutes
Functions Cycle time is set at 20 minute intervals, 5 comfort levels; Auto Firm; Static Mode; Micro Low Air Loss; CPR Valve
Power requirement 110-120 volt, 60Hz, 2 Amp
Size 16.5″(L) x 6.7″(W) x 10.6″(H)
Weight 8.8 lbs
Max. Air-flow 9 lpm

Safety Standard



2 year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects