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Quart Healthcare Will Not Compete Against Our Dealers

When you become a Quart Healthcare dealer, you will never find us in a bidding war with you to supply end-users. As a Medical Devices distributor, getting product into your hands on time and at a competitive price is our job; selling it to end-users is yours!

Quart Healthcare Inc.

Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador

36 Northline Road, Unit 9
Toronto, Ontario
M4B 3E2

T. 416.757.3731 - Office
T. 416.624.1431 - Trish Dunphy (Sales)
T. 416.432.0382 - Sven Lilleoru (Operations)
F. 1.866.230.5655

Quart Healthcare West Inc.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

5810 Highbury Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6N 1Z1

T. 778.239.9233 - Phil Mundy
F. 1.604.357.1076